Price : $2699.00
Brand : VBM

Vibiemme Double Domobar Espresso Machine – V4.0, manual, double boiler, switchable tank / direct connect, rotary pump

TOP FEATURES that brings the Vibiemme Domobar Super Double Boiler espresso machine to the TOP! Double boilers – the user can operate a coffee boiler and steam boiler independently of each other. Seriously, many double boilers have the water fro the coffee boiler pass through the steam boiler first to get pre-heated. If you turn off the steam boiler on those machines, that water is colder and can affect temperature performance. With the dual heating element in the Vibiemme’s coffee boiler, the steam boiler does not have to be powered on as the extra element will provide more power to heat the coffee boiler. Did we say that the coffee boiler was 0.5 liters? Smaller means more turnover to of fresh incoming water? Heat exchanger machines were very popular due to the increased water turnover. PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) allows user to manage temperature control of the coffee boiler . If you are not sure what PID is, here is an overview. Water reservoir at 2.1 liters allows approximately 20 double shots to be extracted without a refill – refill can occur on the fly while the machine is operating. OPV (over pressure valve) feeds excess water pressure to the drip tray and not the water reservoir – this will allow operation of the direct water connection with having the reservoir fill with overflow water, get moldy, and require constant emptying and cleaning. The 54 ounce drip tray can be drained manually or connected to a drain WITHOUT purchasing any optional kits. Insulation on coffee and steam boilers helps save energy Water does not have to be placed in the reservoir, nor does any wiring under the drip tray have to be reconfigured for the machine to function in direct connect mode Only up to 15 amps required without any additional switches or internal adjustments.


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