Price : $16.07
Brand : The Turkish Emporium

Turkish Coffee Brass Hand Made Engraved Grinder Spice Salt Pepper Mill

Solid Brass Coffee/Spice Grinder. – Hand made. Superior to any commercial coffee grinder for grinding Turkish coffee. 4″ tall.

Place beans individually through the aperture in the top. Instructions for use Please note that we recommend the use of a Turkish Emporium Ibrik and grinder in making coffee. 1. For every cup of coffee you require, pour an equal amount of cold water into a cold ibrik. 2. For every cup required, add two coffee spoons of our Turkish coffee. 3. Most people prefer Turkish coffee with sugar, although it can be drunk without (sade). Add two coffee spoons of sugar to the ibrik for every cup required to make a medium sweet brew. Adjust to suit your individual taste. 4. Mix the water, sugar and coffee in the ibrik ONCE­* with the coffee spoon. 5. Place the ibrik onto the top of a stove and cook on the lowest possible flame. 6. As the mixture begins to simmer, the surface of the mixture will begin to foam up. As it appears, pour it (the foam, and only the foam) in equal measures into each cup. 7. Continue the above instruction until all the mixture has gone (2 boils should be enough). 8. The coffee should be allowed to settle for a minute or two before drinking to allow the sediments to settle. 9. Turkish coffee is traditionally accompanied with a glass of cold water. *The importance of not stirring the mixture again cannot be overstated.


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