Price : $4.99
Brand : The Handy House

“The Red Travel Cap” for AeroPress® Coffee Maker by The Handy House

Put the Red Travel Cap on your AeroPress® Coffee Maker and use it on the go! Fill the plunger with coffee beans and filters and you’re all set to take the AeroPress® with you for traveling, fishing, camping, backpacking RVing or wherever. You’ll have a great cup of coffee with your supplies safely sealed into the plunger. Made of Food Safe high quality Elastomer, it was designed by The Handy House specifically to fit the top of the AeroPress® Coffee Maker- AeroPress coffee maker is not included, this is just a cap designed to fit on top of the coffee maker. The Red Travel Cap is also great to seal the top of the plunger when you want to make coffee using the inverted method.


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