Brand : Tanors

Tanors Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Mill, Includes Brush (Black)

Is your morning cup of coffee an art form as much as it is a necessity? Perhaps you are the type who desires the freshest possible cup by grinding your beans before the brewing. If so, we would like to introduce the manual burr ceramic coffee mill by Tanors. With a rich and deep history originating in the Deutschland, this German company has been producing coffee grinders that will finely chop your coffee beans to perfection. This mill in particular, with its compact ceramic build, and fortified glass display, fulfills the look and feel of a professional coffee grinder of the finest caf├ęs. Inexpensive, portable, and very easy to maintain, the mill hand-grinding mechanism allows you – the coffee connoisseur – to orchestrate the creation of the richest coffee grounds. Whether you want a pebbly grind for your automatic machine, or an extra coarse texture to grace your French press, this manual grinder will not let you down. Order yours today, and experience the freshest morning brew you have ever tasted.


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