Brand : Rocket

Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 (HX) Espresso Machine

This machine has an elegant outer design made of beautiful 304 grade Stainless Steel. Rocket Espresso Milano’s proven Thermosyphon system is included, with its superior layout for optimal extraction.

The 1.8 liter boiler is made of pure copper with a lead free brass end plate. It is plated with nickel to protect against copper oxidation. The water reservoir holds 2.9 liters of fresh water and has a low level indication system to warn you when the water is scarce.

**NEW**Insulated Boiler

**NEW**Redesigned Internal Layout

**NEW**Black Gauges

**NEW**Free Metal Tamper

E61 commercial group with automatic pre-infusion

Finely crafted 304 stainless steel case

Non-compression hot water and steam valves

No-Burn stainless steel hot water and steam wands

Two hole steam tip

FREE Four .9 mm hole steam tip also included

Easy access to the water tank

Removable cup guard

Boiler and group pressure gauges

Nickel plated insulated copper boiler – 1.8 liter

Resettable high limit

Sirai pressure stat

Control board

Rotary pump and motor

Large water reservoir – 2.9 liter

Low water sensor

Water source control switch, from direct plumb to water tank

Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double)

Stainless steel backflush disk

Informative DVD that explains how to make great espresso

User manual

Weight 60 lbs

15 amp


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