First, and still the best, electronic Silvia. We prefer to put our money into the best, name brand components for maximum performance and reliability. It is also more expensive, and laborious, to install our systems with bolts and nuts rather than tape or glue. You get a brand new, latest Rancilio Silvia (so called “V3”) with “PID” controller installed and ready to use, and a TWO year parts and labor warranty on ALL of it. NOT A KIT, and never has been a kit, and never will be a kit, whatsoever. Facts: We have shipped more Rancilio Silvias with “pid” controls installed than all other sellers combined, 1,050+ worldwide. This is NOT a hobby. We have installed “pid” controls on MANY machines, including Expobar, La Marzocco, Quick Mill, Isomac, Pasquini, Bezzera, DallaCorte and Vibiemme. The list goes on and on…… We use ONLY equipment from famous, recognizable vendors like: Delta Electronics, Crydom, Opto-22, Teledyne, Watlow and C-temp. NO mystery Chinese parts or wire, NO tangled mess. We do not use GLUE, or double-sided sticky tape (which melts when attached to hot things, like say, espresso machines) to secure off-brand kit parts to the machine. We do not glue or bolt parts to the side of the machine; nothing is exposed to damage. We’ve been doing PID Silvias since 2005.


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