Price : $14.99
Brand : Saeco


Saeco Intenza Water FilterRemove Taste-Altering ImpuritiesThe Saeco Intenza Water Filter improves the taste of your coffee and espresso while extending the life of your Saeco or Gaggia super automatic espresso machine. The filtration material inside the cartridge removes taste altering impurities such as chlorine and odors as well as a portion of the minerals that contribute to limescale build up. This Saeco Intenza Filter is included with many of the Saeco super automatic machines sold today.Why Should I Use The Saeco Intenza Filter?If you are not already using properly treated water with your Saeco super automatic espresso machine, then you should strongly consider using the Saeco Intenza Water Filter. Water constitutes over 99 percent of your coffee, and the Saeco Intenza Filter will ensure that the water you brew with tastes better than the water in your tank. In addition, the Intenza Filter will reduce the amount of minerals that cause limescale build up, increasing the amount of time required between descaling your Saeco machine’s boiler. Limescale build up is the number 1 cause of equipment failure.


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