Brand : Pasquini

Pasquini Livia 90 Semiautomatic Commercial Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

From Italy comes the celebrated Pasquini Livia 90 Semiautomatic espresso & cappuccino machine.  Designed for home, office, or small restaurant use, it employs sturdy commercial components from a world famous professional espresso machine line.  The Pasquini Livia 90 Semiautomatic espresso machine sets the standard for what is possible from a home espresso machine.  This is the true connoisseur’s espresso machine, and is a lifetime investment for the espresso aficionado. Jam packed with commercial grade features and parts, the Pasquini Livia is a true heat exchanger espresso machine, which means the boiler is used for steaming on demand, and espresso water is drawn straight from the built in reservoir – it gets flash heated as it passes through a piping system inside the boiler.  With the Livia 90, producing espresso shot after espresso shot, and steaming instantly for large parties is never a problem. Brewing espresso & frothing milk at the same time is no problem for the Livia!  This is an absolute necessity for any espresso machine used for entertaining or in a semi-commercial environment.  This saves a lot of time and eliminates the need for you to wait for the boiler to “”recover”” between espresso brewing and milk heating functions (common on all single boiler machines).  The dual heat exchanger allows for both functions to take place simultaneously. The Livia 90 Semiautomatic is just like the Livia 90 Automatic, but IT DOES NOT have the automatic one-touch brewing system like the automatic version.


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