Price : $22.95
Brand : Pamapic

Pamapic Portable Coffee Maker, Mini Electric Espresso Machine with Reusable K-cup Coffee Filter (Ground Coffee & Capsule Compatible), Quick Coffee Machine for Travel, Home, Office 【240ML, Black】

Pamapic portable coffee machine is elegantly designed and portable for outdoor enthusiasts, enjoying a cup of espresso coffee anytime, a cup of coffee not only solved the fatigue of the journey, but also added a pleasant mood. Whatever traveling around the country, in offices and hotels. A coffee bean, a glass of water into the coffee machine press the top switch, a few minutes to drink delicious coffee, portable coffee machine is a good news for those who love coffee. Coffee machine packaging beautiful, durable, is the best gift to a friend.

The Pamapic Portable Travel Sized Automatic Coffee Maker is a portable coffee maker that is able to go with you wherever you go to ensure that your coffee is always at the ready. The Coffee Maker is a wholly electric portable coffee maker. This coffee maker does not require any manual grinding of coffee beans or manual churning to get it to work. Instead, it is totally operated with electricity and will run with the push of a button. Instead of having to worry about carrying around messy coffee grounds, you can instead enjoy the ease that comes with being able to use K Cups in the machine. This makes it simple to pack a box of your favorite coffee to go and enjoy it anywhere.

The Pamapic Portable Travel Sized Automatic Coffee Maker is:
●Simple to pack into any suitcase.
●Each part is detachable which allows you to clean the pieces with ease, providing you with fresh-tasting coffee whenever you want it.
●Has been certified safe and complies with the European Union ROHS certification requirements.

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