Price : $9.79
Brand : Update International

NEW, Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set, Coffee Infuser Set, Slow-Drip, Single-Cup Serving, Stainless Steel

Make delicious Vietnamese-style (and other South East Asia) coffees with this commercial quality stainless steel coffee filter set.

This single-cup serving coffee filter/infuser set features one (1) stainless steel saucer, infused brew chamber with opposite rubber finger handles, one (1) stainless steel screw-in filter insert that presses and packs the coffee grind and one (1) stainless steel lid, keeping contents hot while coffee brewers and slow methodical drip into the cup.


The filter is dishwasher safe but it is recommended to hand-wash on occasion for thorough cleaning.


Diameter (saucer) – 3½ Inches

Diameter (chamber opening) – 2¼ Inches

Depth (chamber) – 2¼ Inches


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