Price : $275.00
Brand : Nespresso

Nespresso Citiz Automatic Espresso Maker Black

Coffee is a delicious beverage. Drinking espresso is like tasting coffee as an essential oil, liquor. In Italy, espresso is drunk in bars, much like whiskey – by the shot. Espresso is often difficult to make. Nespresso has taken the difficulty out of espresso so you can enjoy the excitement anytime. All you need is a Nespresso espresso machine and Nespresso capsules (and some water). Plug it into your AC outlet. Within minutes, thrill to your first shot of nectar.

The Nespresso Capsule System is the easiest way to make great tasting espresso coffee. Nespresso capsules seal in freshness and ensure perfect flavor and aroma in each cup. Nespresso capsules contain blends of the best specialty coffee available.

The CitiZ is dedicated to the Nespresso system. Espresso is easy, good and rich espresso is almost easier than brewing ordinary coffee. The chic, urban appearance of the CitiZ looks like it came straight from Gotham. It’ll distinguish any counter.

Take a Nespresso capsule and insert it atop the CitiZ espresso maker. Push handle and it perforates the hermetically sealed capsule and soaks all the ground coffee to optimally filter the coffee. The high-pressure 19-bar pump extracts all the aromas and gives body to the espresso, ensuring a thick golden crema–the delicious creamy layer on top.

Simply flip the power switch to “on”, place a cup under the coffee outlet, open the lever, insert a capsule and close the lever, then press the Espresso or Lungo button. The flow of coffee depends on the coffee variety selected. Up to 11 used capsules collect in the capsule container for later disposal.

The espresso maker also provides automatic and programmable volume control, an energy-saving mode, automatic flow stop, and automatic pump refilling. Other thoughtful design details include a removable 1-liter water tank, a removable drip tray, and folding cup support (one position for a cu


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