Brand : Nespresso

Nespresso C190 Capsule Espresso Machine Titanium

The Nespresso C190 Capsule Espresso Machine is a true standout in design, convenience and performance. The unique shape, dubbed the Concept series by Nespresso, brings style and a choice of color to the kitchen. But the beauty is much more than skin deep. The C190 has a powerful pump capable of producing 19 bars of pressure and a unique capsule ejection system via a revolutionary jaw device. Simply lift the lever to fill your next capsule and as the jaw opens, the last capsule is automatically ejected into a collection receptacle in the body of the machine for later removal. Nespresso has taken the capsule concept and made it even easier to use. A special steam wand aids in frothing milk for cappuccinos and another setting is perfect for steaming milk for lattes. Nespresso espresso machines are designed to be used exclusively with the Nespresso hermetically sealed capsule containing a precise amount of freshly roasted and ground coffee. The aroma and flavor are protected until you are ready to brew. With 9 premium coffee blends available, you are sure to find a perfect match for your palette. The individual serving capsule system is extremely easy to use. Brew one espresso, cappuccino or latte at a time. Eliminate the hassle and mess of grinding, scooping and tamping your coffee as you would with traditional expresso machines. Cleanup is a snap – never touch the coffee grinds. With the jaw handle up, you are ready to insert a new pod to make your next cup. One press of a button to starts the brewing and when your desired volume is reached, another press stops brewing. The C190 espresso machine is a single boiler unit, but heat up time for steaming is quick. This model features a special titanium color body with chrome accents and chrome plated metal drip tray. Features Include: – Automatic ejection of used capsules into the collection receptacle – Steam function for cappuccino – Manual volume control – 19 bar pump – Temperature regulation system – ABS housing (Ac…


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