Brand : KRUPS

KRUPS XP9000 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine and Coffee Center, Charcoal

New from Krups, the XP900 Super Automatic Espresso and Coffee Center. Super Automatic System: Makes perfect cappuccino and lattes with a push of a button, without having to move your cup and without a separate milk container. Easy to use and clean: The XP9000 will automatically grind, tamp, brew and dispose of the spent grounds and guide you through the easy cleaning and maintenance procedure. The central steam nozzle on the Krups XP9000 allows you to make steam for frothing, hot water, cappuccino and a latte beverage all WITHOUT ever moving your cup. The central stem nozzle is easy to use. A lever on the top of the machine allows you to bring the steam nozzle down and back up allowing you to adjust the height of the coffee dispenser. The high pressure pump leads cold water into the Thermoblock System where it is instantaneously warmed to the optimal temperature of 198 degrees Fahrenheit. Easy to clean and maintain a drip tray is integrated in the front door. It has an automatic sensor to indicate when the water tray is full and is removable for easy dumping and cleaning. Automatic controls at your fingertips for cappuccino and lattes by pressing the dedicated switch, the Krups XP900 has an oversized digital display with 2 lines of text, bright white lettering is easy to read and available in 5 languages. There are pre-programmed settings for simple operation; 4 options for espresso, hot water, steam, latte and cappuccino. Personalize your settings; an easy accessible side panel is used for customized programming and for controlling the machine maintenance. From coffee strength, water temperate or steam time, personalize your beverages the way you would like it with the many options available at you finger tips. Made in Switzerland the Krups XP9000 has 1200 watts, a heating element with 2 thermostats and removable water tank that holds 88 ounces.


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