Price : $680.00
Brand : Illy

illy METODO iPERESPRESSO Dedicated espresso machine “FrancisFrancis! X 7.1” (Red)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

Product features ★ Illy capsule coffee system METODO iPERESPRESSO ● METODO iPERESPRESSO is an espresso extraction system with illy proprietary coffee capsule. ★ To a machine of stylish urban design, ● Just set illy’s cup of coffee filled with coffee and press the button. ● By using this extraction system, no dancing and damping techniques like professional varistors are required at all, ● Everyone can easily enjoy a perfect authentic espresso just by pushing a button. ● Please enjoy freshening crema, rich fragrance, balanced taste of acidity and richness in various scenes of daily life. ◆ You can enjoy authentic espresso like drinking in Italian cafe easily at home or office. ◆ Boiler with thermoblock, high performance steam nozzle equipped, more conveniently evolved. ◆ Steaming function ● A function (foaming function) to foam milk for enjoying cappuccino and caffe latte is attached to X 7.1. ※ ● (It is not included in Y1.1 · Y3.) ◆ Thermoblock is called a drying boiler, it does not save hot water in the boiler like a normal boiler, and starts to generate hot water pressure when pushing the extraction switch. As a result, the rise from pushing the power switch as quick as possible, the continuous extraction capability is high. In addition, steam’s sustainability is also high, making milk foam is also easy. ※ ● Detailed description: Newsbridge


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