Price : $15.36
Brand : HIC Harold Import Co.

HIC Coffee Filter Cone, No. 4

Whether you drink a little coffee or a lot, the Harold Import No. 4 Porcelain Filter Cone will save you time and money. Keep those hard earned dollars in your pocket. Save precious counter space. You don’t need expensive and bulky coffee machines to have great coffee at home. With the Filter Cone, fresh brewed coffee is quick and easy. Simply place coffee filter in cone, add ground coffee, place cone over coffee cup and pour boiling water over the coffee grounds. Once your coffee is brewed, simply discard filter and grounds. Throw the cone in the dishwasher and voile. … you’re done and ready to enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Quick, easy and inexpensive. Not only will it be quick and easy, it’ll be better; most people who drink coffee prefer a certain brew – strong, medium or mild – and with this devise you can create individual-inch cups of coffee for your guests … or let them brew their own cup of coffee, the way they like it – at the strength they prefer. You can’t do that with a conventional coffee maker. No. 4 coffee filters, not included.


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