Brand : Hawthorne & Wren

Hawthorne & Wren 2-cup (10 oz) Personal French Coffee Press

This easily transportable French press ensures that you can enjoy coffee on the go, wherever life may take you. May the morning sun rise with the possibility of new endeavors, casting radiant light onto all aspects of your life.

Why Brew Your Coffee With A French Coffee Press?

Here are some of the benefits of brewing coffee with a french press:

1. Pressed coffee brings the flavor out, making the taste much richer and more delicious.
2. The aroma from a french press is much stronger, creating a much more delightful experience.
3. You have complete control over the temperature.
4. It is easy to clean.
5. Because your coffee is unfiltered, it allows all of the oils from the ground up coffee beans to add a new level of flavor.

Most restaurants use a French press when brewing their coffee, which is why their coffee tastes noticeably better than what you brewed at home.


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