Brand : Cafe Deluxe

French Press Coffee Maker – Stainless Steel & Durable Espresso Maker

If your French press coffee maker isn’t perfect, we’ll give you a new one. If it’s still not perfect, you must not have a Café Deluxe French Press Coffee Maker

The Most Reliable & Durable Coffee Press In The Market

– The Highest Quality Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass. This means your Café Deluxe coffee press will operate much longer.

-Underneath the top of the plunge of our Cafe Deluxe French Press Coffee Maker does not contain any sort of plastic. As a result, the consumer won’t have to worry about rust building up over time unlike other French Press Coffee Makers.

– The Unique Single Screen Structure will give NO MORE GROUNDS in your coffee.

– Safe & Confined Packaging. This absolutely means no more broken gifts for your family members and friends.

VIDEO BONUS & 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE for Your Café Deluxe French Press

– When you click the buy button, you’ll receive with your Café Deluxe French press coffee maker a step by step video series to help you learn how to operate your new coffee maker like a professional barista.

– This video series will guide you from start to finish of how to produce a rich & refined cup of coffee.

100% GUARANTEED No Grounds Coffee From Café Deluxe

– What is the worst coffee experience? Coffee grounds in your mouth! That is why Café Deluxe introduces the innovated and unique Single Screen System by the primary screen touching the glass wall more tightly and evenly. This allows NO COFFEE GROUNDS in your cup of coffee.

-Would you like to experience the sensation of a rich & refined coffee with your friends & family? This particular bonus will not last forever so ORDER THE PRODUCT TODAY.

Go to the top of the page and CLICK THE “ADD THE CART” Button right now before the bonus runs out!


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