Brand : EZ World distribution

EZ way Coffee Maker

EZ WAY COFFEE MAKER is a unique single serve, small sized, non electric coffee maker, designed in a universal size to fit the top of your personal coffee mugs, which will make fresh brewed coffee drinking easily available anywhere, in the office, at home, on camping grounds, or trips.

With its special designed slow drip cup, you can be assured to get a deep rich coffee flavor!

Instead of the bleached disposable filters that decrease the special original coffee taste , EZ WAY COFFEE MAKER has a metal gold-tone built in filter, that maintains the original delightful fresh coffee taste.

There’s 4 EZ Steps to use it:

1: Open by separating both parts,

2: Add one tablespoon of medium ground coffee or tea in the bottom compartment.

3: Push both parts together, making sure they are tightly closed.

4: Position your EZ Way Coffee Maker on cup carefully, fill the top reservoir with boiling water and let it filter completely into your own coffee mug.

Dishwasher safe or wash in warm soapy water, then rinse.

Good for 20,000 cups.

EZ Way Coffee Maker is manufactured in Quebec, Canada, barring the FDA Approval.

Proper usage: use it with medium grind coffee to get the best results.


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