Price : $42.97
Brand : Coletti

Coletti”Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot – 12 CUP Camping Coffee Pot | Coffee Percolator

Experience the nostalgia of percolated coffee with the Bozeman 12 CUP Stainless Steel Percolator Coffee Pot, made exclusively by Coletti

Are you bored with your automatic coffee maker? Then take control and become a Coffee Craftsman just like your grandparents!

Coffee Percolators are making a comeback and the Coletti Bozeman 12 CUP Coffee Percolator is the very best way to experience this trend! Crafted of solid steel, this pot is designed exclusively for percolating coffee the old-fashion way.

Do you like your coffee hot? The boiling water and convection process ensures the hottest cup of coffee possible. The 12 CUP pot helps keep the coffee hot until you drink it.

The rosewood handle not only gives this percolator a classic look but prevents the handle from heating up to reduce the possibility of burns.

No other percolator on the market comes with filers. Not only will these prevent the coffee ground from falling through, but they also lower cholesterol by reducing the amount of oil that gets into the coffee.

12 CUP Capacity
20 pack of filters included
Solid Rosewood Handle
Glass cover knob
Dishwasher safe
Great for camping
NOT designed for flat top stoves

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