Brand : Kuban

Coffee Grinder Mill, Electric Blade Grinder

The most significant of advantage of the machine is that different coffee types can be grinded in the same machine. You can grind coffee beans with various aromas and thickness in the machine. Since there is no residue left inside the machine, the taste of different coffee beans never interfere with others. The machine’s operation principle is weigh coffee, pour into the hopper, grind coffee. The numbers on the front panel of machine indicates the thickness of coffee.

Turkish Coffee, Espresso and filter coffee grind is highly preferred. You can also grind black pepper, sesame seed, peanut, poppy seed, rice and etc.


Blade: Steel Knife

Weight: 45 Kg

Engine Power: 1.1 Kw / 220 V

Case Size: 300x400x800 mm


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