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Chef’s Star Premium 34oz French Coffee Press & 2 Cups Set – French Press and Espresso Maker w/ Stainless Steel Plunger & Heat Resistant Glass

Chef’s Star Premium Coffee Press and Cups Set

Looking for the perfect cup of coffee to start your day of right? Look no further. This
Chef’s Star Premium Coffee Press will brew the perfect cup every time. With it’s unique double screens press you can be sure that there are no more grounds in your coffee just smooth, richness. This easy French Coffee Press system makes it simple to brew a superior cup of coffee. Plus with this innovative brewing method You will never need to spend more money on extra filters like you would for other coffee makers. With just ground coffee and water you can make hundreds of cups of coffee without needing anything more. And no paper filter means no waste. Plus the coffee bean’s essential oils will go directly into your cup, delivering the flavor that is otherwise lost on paper filters. Innovative design ensures NO plastic will ever touch your coffee

Chef’s Star Coffee Press is made of highest quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass and 100% stainless steel. The heat resistant materials of glass and stainless steel are completely taste-free so nothing comes between you and your ground coffee beans. And this set comes complete with two heat resistant coffee cups for the perfect serving set.

Premium Coffee Press makes it so easy to make a great coffee. All you need is coffee, water, wait and enjoy. Just measure one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee per 4-ounce cup and add to the carafe then pour in the hot water, wait a few minutes for it to brew, and slowly press down the plunger. Then sit back and take in the great aroma and thoroughly enjoy an excellent cup of rich and bold coffee.

With it’s 34 oz, 8 cup capacity and attractive carafe design and matching cups, this premium press is great for table top serving and dinner parties.

Whats in the box

Coffee Press

2 Coffee Cups


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