Brand : Capresso

Capresso EC PRO 118.05 Professional Espresso & Cappuccino Machine with Grand Aroma Whole Bean Coffee (8.8oz),Espresso, Coffee Measure, ESPRESSO TAMPER (CD) with Two Coffee Mugs + $15 Focus Gift Card

Capresso brings you an “entry-level” espresso machine that will serve your needs as a beginning home barista using the EC Pro’s included enhanced portafilter that eliminates the immediate need for a grinder and tamping. As your skills advance you can make use of the included “bottomless” portafilter handle that uses your ground coffee and allows you to see the extraction as it takes place.

The double-spout portafilter features a built-in system that makes it easy and fast to create espresso, even if it is the first time you have used an espresso machine. It brews one or two servings at a time by simply filling the basket with ground coffee, inserting it into the machine, and starting the brew cycle. The system in the portafilter body creates the resistance to the water flow automatically.

The included bottomless espresso filter uses coffee you grind. The adjustment you make to your grinder controls the flow of the espresso. Grind finer to slow the flow and more coarsely to speed up the flow (grinder not included). Because this handle has no bottom, you can instantly see the espresso as it is created and make adjustments to your procedure accordingly. A bottomless portafilter is optional at additional cost with most machines if it is available at all! The ability to grind your own coffee and adjust the grind aids in producing richer, thicker crema.

Bundle Includes

1- Grand Aroma Whole Bean Coffee (8.8oz),Espresso

1- Coffee Measure


2- 11 Oz Ceramic Coffee Mug (White)

1- Free $15.00 Focus Gift Card (Restrictions Apply)


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