Brand : MoYo Natural Labs

Brew a Cup with Screen For Fine Gourmet Coffee Grounds – Made in USA and BPA Free

Made in the USA! No more paper filters or elaborate machines needed with Brew a Cups no mess built in screen filter especially useful for extremely fine coffee grounds.

The precursor to the modern automatic drip coffeemaker, the pour-over system was invented in 1908 and is still viewed by many coffee aficionados as the best way to make great coffee.

No matter where you are — at the office, at home, even camping in the great outdoors — Brew a Cup of Coffee is the easy to make coffee maker when you want convenience and premium tasting coffee. The Brew a Cup of coffee is non electric way to brew in a minute. Simply place the coffee in the filter. Brew a Cup then fits over your mug as you pour in hot water for a rich robust cup of Joe. You’ll get a cup of coffee with a bold flavor that Brew a Cup fans say is better than the coffeemaker.


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