Price : $19.90
Brand : bonVIVO

bonVIVO GAZETARO III French Press Coffee Maker, Cold Brew Coffee Makers Machine Made of Stainless Steel And Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass, Coffee Press in Copper Finish, With Filter, 12 ounces

Easy to Enjoy

To brew the perfect coffee shouldn’t be difficult. What you need is the perfect coffee maker. The bonVIVO GAZETARO III is the ideal companion for delicious gourmet coffee. It’s easy to use, and coffee connoisseurs will love the results. Experiment with various blends, amounts and brew times to discover and enjoy the perfect cup, tailored to individual tastes. 

Flavorful in a matter of Minutes

Quick and easy preparation Place coarsely ground coffee and hot water in the carafe, allow coffee to brew four minutes and press the plunger down slowly. Your perfect coffee is ready. The water-coffee mixture is pressed with a screen on the bottom of the pot. This separates used grounds from brewed coffee, producing a deliciously aromatic coffee with full body. 

Always the Best Coffee

The metal screen won’t strip fats and oils from the coffee the way other coffee filters do. Coffee prepared in the GAZETARO III press retains all the rich flavour and full body that coffee lovers enjoy. The bonVIVO GAZETARO III is ideal for singles and couples to quickly and conveniently prepare delicious coffee. Practical tips for use: Regularly check the screen at the bottom of the press. This should always be attached securely to keep grounds from escaping. – Use about 55 grams of coffee per liter at a brewing time of 4 minutes. Of course, you can vary the amount according to taste. – For perfect coffee enjoyment, coarsely grind your own coffee at home. – Always fill carafe all the way to the top. Filling halfway will produce inconsistent results and flavour. – For full flavour, do not shorten brewing time.


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